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MycoFinder-Rapid mycoplasma detection test

Mycoplasma testing is an essential step to detect any mycoplasma contamination during biopharmaceutical product manufacturing.   MycoFinder: sensitivity, simplicity, and speed MycoFinder is a Real-Time...

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48 tests 69202-MYC-0048

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Mycoplasma testing is an essential step to detect any mycoplasma contamination during biopharmaceutical product manufacturing.


MycoFinder: sensitivity, simplicity, and speed

MycoFinder is a Real-Time PCR cell culture contamination detection kit that provides a sensitive, rapid, reliable, and cost-effective solution for the quality control of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) and biopharmaceuticals.

MycoFinder rapid mycoplasma cell culture contamination detection kit, has been validated in accordance with the EP 2.6.7, USP 63 and JP 17 and is available throughout EMEA.

MycoFinder uses real-time fluorescent PCR to ensure sensitive mycoplasma detection (below 10 CFU/mL). The kit is simple and quick to implement for product screening and batch release in laboratories where time is of the essence.

Number of tests per kit: 48 tests

Type of assay: 5’ nuclease assay

Controls included: Positive, and negative controls

Storage: +2° to + 8°C

Shelf Life: 12 months

Weight: 0,2 kg

Dimensions: 15 × 11 × 4 cm

General protocol

MycoFinder is supplied with 2 different PCR tube formats (white and clear) which are compatible with most commercial PCR instrumentation.

Each PCR tube contains freeze-dried Master Mix thereby avoiding storage of different PCR reagents. MycoFinder is stored at 2° to 8 °C, and is ready to use, this makes our mycoplasma PCR test very simple and rapid to implement.

To prepare the PCR, the Master Mix is resuspended by pipetting 25µL of DNA sample directly into the tubes.
The sample prep workflow is completed within few minutes and provides PCR results in less than one hour, making MycoFinder one of the best mycoplasma detection kits available today.

Fully compliant with EP 2.6.7, USP 63 and JP 17 – our innovative mycoplasma test protocol reduces turnaround time and greatly eases sample preparation and handling.

PCR strip format – only need to use the number of PCR tubes required for your assay – reduces waste and cost.

Two different PCR tube formats (white and clear) compatible with most commercial PCR instruments.

Pre-mixed lyophilised reagents in each tube makes sample preparation quick and easy – Sample prep method completed within few minutes following a four-step protocol.


Storage Temperature
+2°C to 8°C

12 months


Find the most frequently asked questions about MycoFinder product

Food testing using CompactDry plates requires minimal lab equipment including pipettes, a sterile preparation area, and an incubator (a suitable homogeniser would be required for solid food homogenisation)

MycoFinder targets the bacterial 16S rRNA genes and the spacer area.

MycoFinder was extensively tested on all mycoplasma strains listed in the Pharmacopeias (JP, EU, and US). Additionally, it can detect up to 142 mycoplasma strains (in-silico analysis)

MycoFinder can detect 10 CFU in a background of 10e6 CHO cells.

MycoFinder amplifies and detects DNA sequences that are common to mycoplasma species. Therefore, it is not possible to determine a specific mycoplasma strain from the detection results.

MycoFinder kit has a shelf life of 12 months at 2-8 °C.

MycoFinder kit has been tested on a wide range of thermocyclers. For further information about thermocycling conditions and the analysis method, don’t hesitate to contact us

Yes, MycoFinder kit includes a positive control that give a fluorescent signal in FAM and ROX channels.

The positive control has a concentration of 2 x 10^3 copies/μL. To perform a positive control reaction, add1μL of the positive control to 24μL of DW, then add 25 μL into PCR strips to re-suspend Master Mix.

MycoFinder detects mycoplasma genomic DNA, so it cannot determine whether the mycoplasma are viable or not.

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